July 31, 2014


1. This looks like the weirdest movie ever.

2. Daniel Radcliffe sounds like a COMPLETELY different person with an American accent. His voice literally sounds lower.

3. Oh look, a movie where Daniel Radcliffe makes friends with a snake!


July 30, 2014
Marriage isn’t boring!

I hate this notion so much. Marriage should have the potential to be fun at all times. I’m so happy with my wife and my decision to spend my life with her. We joke and laugh to the point of tears. We have horribly inappropriate inside jokes and moments. We appreciate each other with humor. It’s fun.

Look up at each other and realize how special marriage can be dammit! I can’t wait for the next laugh. Even in the darkest times…you should be the one that makes them smile. A laugh can be sexier than almost anything.

Just have fun. Don’t try so hard. Enjoy the small things. Sing stupid songs, dance without any skill, and cherish it.

July 6, 2014

Cameron…enough said.

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June 22, 2014

Realizing how lucky you are should be as simple as looking at the people you spend the most time.

I am surrounded by love. 2 sweet and exceptional dogs. A bird that shows affection. Most of all, a wife who conquers the weaknesses of my soul.

I’m good.

June 15, 2014

Sleep eludes me as I sit here thinking only of my lovely wife. She lies in bed sleeping. Why can’t I sleep? Not guilt. Not fear. It is the honest excitement of our love. We may be young and married no more than 4 years, but my soul stirs for this woman. I am so bound, so affixed to her sweet nature that existing in her presence seems enough to satisfy life. She is simple in need but complex in her desires. A perfect mother in waiting. A beauty definable not by her looks but by the impression she leaves. No one can simply meet her. She is overwhelming because of her heart. I get to love that! To be the exclusive cultivator of such perfection! My life is meant to challenge my convictions and seek a paradise we can share wholeheartedly. With that I am okay. Sleep well. Dream big. For I need not sleep to dream. I live it.

May 2, 2014

This is awesome.

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April 2, 2014
There’s just some people….


that you don’t know if you should feel bad for them or just be annoyed by them.

You do not need to yell to get your point across.

Just because you’re loud doesn’t mean everyone wants to know what you’re talking about.

You are probably just annoying. But I do feel kinda bad for you.

But if they aren’t loud…do any of their words matter? That’s what is important isn’t it? They have such amazing wisdom it must be shouted?

March 28, 2014
Our secret

Somewhere buried deep, under the sheets of our unmade bed, stuck in the pile, of hand raked clothes, you can hear the secrets, that we have told, about what makes our love, so wonderful and bold.

Our love will not be defined, by simple words or explanation, but by seeing and believing, for in our love there is no easy to stop and say, do this or that, and you’ll have it then.

Not a day goes by where I am not warmed by the smile that you flash, neither the coldest of nights nor the hottest of days can abate this craving to touch your skin.

While we sleep I dream of what we will do, I see only the times ahead and never back on pain, for when we are together there is only that time that matters. With no guarantee of tomorrow and no quarrel from yesterday that can help us today, I focus on today. I focus on you.

Our love is magical because we find each other so amazing, I hope that tomorrow and the many that follow, we still look at ourselves in wonder. Let the world look on and beg for our secret. For when they do they will surely miss it.

March 1, 2014
Can’t save them all.

Dog I loved. Beautiful lab husky mix.

He was put down today when he was returned. Play biting was his problem. Being a puppy in other words.

February 28, 2014

I have road rage. I get agitated by the stupidest shit. My wife enjoys tormenting me to no end just to see me get mad. I have high standards. Idiots set me off. I accept these things. Yet, I know to control these things in the workplace. I know to check my emotions and control them. There are appropriate times to argue and let emotions be known but most situations are stupid and should be left as that.

Do not tell me I don’t understand because the length of your marriage is greater than mine in a condescending manner.

Do not question my ability to judge things based on my age.

Do not undermine the integrity of a program because you want your numbers to mean more than the fucking results. An animal saved shouldn’t be trumped by a number irrelevant to that. Ever.

Do not freak out and ignore and bully and torment and act two faced to achieve a goal.

Do not make an enemy of me because of bad decisions and a lack of courage to come out and say what you want. Cowardice is a trait I look for and destroy. I am a clever and evil son of a bitch if I see that weakness and know it’s taken others down. I will not rest if I know it’s there.

Do not underestimate my ability to overcome anything to solve a problem and make you history.

Dumb bitch. I love my wife. I love my job. Don’t ruin it for me and don’t act high and mighty when all you do is hide in the corner and wait for weakness. I have weakness all over but I will not rest or bow to you. Because you are pathetic. Bring it. War is won by those willing to withstand the blows and bleed. You can’t do either without tears and needing attention.

End rant.

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